With one tap, BEEPR users are streaming new songs on their preferred streaming service within seconds of its release. They are the lightning fast “early adaptors” and influencers of the music world.

How to add BeeprAppBot to your server

1. Click the invite button below to add BeeprAppBot to your server.

2. Create a private #beepr channel (this is just for the first command).

3. Create a #beepr-roles channel (public).

4. Go into the private #beepr channel and do command: .b createrole

Let all the emojis appear without pressing on any of them.If there is a glitch where not all of the emojis appear, delete the messages and try again.

5. Once all of the emojis load, press on each emoji to create a role for each artist. You will have 3 minutes to do this.

6. After you have created the servers roles, go into your #beepr-roles channel and do command: .b reactionrole
Let all the emojis load in and do not press any of them until they all appear.This needs to be a public channel for others to add their emojis (artists).

7. Press on the emojis (artists) that you want to be alerted on.
To be safe, press on one and check if it loads in as a role for you.

8. The bot will automatically create a #new-music-beeps channel. This is where all the new music alerts will go into. We usually place this and #beepr-roles next to each other.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not change the name of #new-music-beeps channel. If you want, you are allowed to remove the emoji from it. If changed, the bot will mess up.

9. Tag @EVERYONE and tell them about this new, legendary bot that the server now has :). Now your members can be alerted about new music via Discord Push Notifications.

Please message us here or on Instagram if there are any questions, problems, concerts, tips, or appreciation!

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